Dr. Zul Kanji appointed Acting Director of Student Affairs

Dr. Zul Kanji

Dr. Zul Kanji (BSc, Dip.DH, MSc, EdD) has taken on the position of Acting Director of Student Affairs, as of February 7, 2022.

Dr. Kanji is an Associate Professor of Teaching, Co-director of the DHDP Program, and Chair of the DHDP Academic Progress Committee. He has been a full-time faculty member since 2011, with a particular focus to Student Services in his teaching and in his research. His doctoral studies focused on student affairs and educational leadership in post-secondary contexts. Dr. Kanji has recently published articles on student retention and student transition in Journal of Dental Education and Journal of Student Affairs Research & Practice.

Dr. Kanji currently teaches students in all four years of the DHDP, and teaches local anaesthesia to DMD and DHDP students. Working with the FOD Student Services team, he has helped develop the orientation program for the DHDP, and has been involved with orientation programming in the Faculty of Dentistry and the Imagine UBC program.
He is currently UBC Dentistry’s ADEA co-liaison for the Academic Dental Careers Fellowship Program & ADEA Faculty of Councils representative, and has received many UBC Dentistry Teaching Awards, as well as the W.W. Wood National Dental Teaching Award (2013), the CDHA Excellence in Teaching Award (2014), and the Association of Canadian Faculties of Dentistry (ACFD) National Dental Teaching Award (2020).

At this time, Dr. Kanji will be stepping aside from the DHDP Academic Progress Committee, and Dr. Denise Laronde will assume the Chair position.

Thank you to Dr. Kanji for taking on this critical role supporting our students and congratulations!