Dental Clinical Ergonomics

Our study module resource is directed towards dental ergonomics and promoting the health of dental clinicians. We hope to assist clinicians in better assessing and understanding their needs in this area and helping those who are interested in making some changes.

Lance M. Rucker, DDS
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Susanne Sunell, RDH, Ed.D
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Maggie Wen, BSc, Dip.DH, MSc, RDH
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We are deeply indebted to the efforts and support of many, many professionals, colleagues, and consultants. We particularly wish to acknowledge and thank the following people and associations:

  • Dr. Michael M. Belenky
  • Dr. Carl K. Cramer
  • Mrs. Ingrid Ellis
  • UBC Faculty of Dentistry Technology Support Team
  • Dr. Chuck Paltiel
  • Dr. Robert MacDonald
  • Dr. Daryl Beach
  • A host of reviewers and pilot participants
  • B.C. Dental Hygienists Association
  • B.C. Dental Association