First time for a Canadian university: UBC Dentistry grad student wins highly regarded award in dental materials

Bernardo U. Peres, a graduate student in Craniofacial Science, won third place in the prestigious George Paffenbarger Award from the Academy of Dental Materials. The award is given to the top three scientific studies presented to a judging committee during the annual meeting of the Academy which occurred this year from Oct 7 to 10 in Maui, Hawaii.

Bernardo U. Peres

Bernardo U. Peres

Peres competed with graduate students at all levels from across the world. This is the first time a student from a Canadian university has won this award.

His study, titled “Nanocrystal Cellulose (NCC) as Reinforcing Agent for Electrospun Nanofibers,”* was conducted at UBC in the Faculty of Dentistry’s Carvalho Lab in collaboration with the Department of Materials Engineering. The study found NCC is a promising, sustainable candidate for reinforcing composite structures.

Peres is in his second year of a three-year Master of Science degree and is supervised by Dr. Ricardo M. Carvalho, professor, Department of Oral Biological & Medical Sciences.

Internationally, the Academy of Dental Materials is one of the most influential institutions in the field of dental materials. The Academy publishes Dental Materials which ranks amongst the top five impact factor journals in dentistry. The Paffenbarger Award was created in 1987 to recognize annually the best paper in the field of dental materials.

*Reference Peres BU, Vidotti HA, Manso AP, Ko F, Carvalho RM (2015). Nanocrystal Cellulose (NCC) as reinforcing agent for electrospun nanofibers. Dental Materials, 31(1), e65–e66. doi:10.1016/

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