FOD Faculty and Alumni as members on CDSBC’s new committees

Over the past year, CDSBC has completely re-designed their committees to embrace leading regulatory practices and reflect their over-arching commitment to public protection. The changes seek to increase public representation in order to make decision-making more streamlined and effective.

In total 164 applicants (53 public, 9 certified dental assistants and 102 dentists) stepped forward in response to their call for committee members, and as a result 90 members have been selected to serve on the new committees. We would like to take this moment to congratulate that out of 45 dentists, 24 of them are UBC alumni members, as well as Sabina Reitzik, who is our faculty member and also the Chair of the Appointments Working Group (AWG). We are grateful to everyone’s commitment and support, and we are confident that having established committees full of individuals who are passionate about safe, ethical dental care will continue to advance the field of dentistry forward.

Alkafaji, Zina
Amiri, Nariman
Bellamy, Tobin
Bellusci, Anthony N.
Bhatti, Preet S.
Callen, Christopher M.
Card, Gregory A.
Carlisle, Suzanne
Chan, Bertrand S.
Chen, Jason
Denk, Karl F.
Dhillon, Tarndeep S.
Ennis, Warren M.
Gadzinska-Myers, Anita
Hieawy, Ahmed T.
Lawson, David B.
Mota, Irena
Racich, Michael J.
Reitzik, Sabina A.
Ross, Donald G.
Saidi, Syed M.
Shivji, Salima
Staschuk, Robert G.
Wilczek, Richard S.