Grad student wins first place: NCOHR poster award

June 23, 2014

Dr. Maha Al-Sahan, a UBC Dentistry graduate prosthodontics student, won the First Place Poster Award from the Network for Canadian Oral Health Research, at a student workshop held in Edmonton, Alberta, on June 17, 2014.

She presented her research poster titled “Systematic Review of Psychological Theories Relevant to Chronic Oral Impairment/Disability”, which, as Maha explains, is about exploring psychosocial theories relevant to loss of body parts and applying or developing a theory or theories to explain how people cope with and adapt to complete tooth loss.

In their written congratulations to Maha, NCOHR judges write that the award was based on a number of factors, including: the quality of her poster, the originality of the investigation, the validity of the experimental design; the quality of the data produced, the appropriateness of the methods of analysis used, the scientific excellence of the work, the quality of her poster presentation, the relevance to oral health, and the overall quality of the work.

Maha is undertaking a combined PhD in Craniofacial Science with a diploma in Prosthodontics. Her supervisors are Drs. Ross Bryant and Michael MacEntee.

Four other UBC students: Ahmed Hieawy, Tarinee Lubpairee, Dylan Olver and Julien Kim, and Dr. Mario Brondani, assitant professor, also represented UBC Dentistry at the workshop.