It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3—The Amin & Sharon Shivji and Family, and 123Dentist, Conference Rooms

May 1, 2012

Amin & Sharon Shivji And Family - 123_1While touring the John B. Macdonald Building during renovations, Dr. Amin Shivji stopped in the area of the old clinic, where his assigned open operatory once stood, and gazed up at the ceiling. As a young dental student in the early ’90s, he and his classmates shared some interesting antics, including one that placed popcorn kernels strategically near the hot overhead lights . . . You can imagine what happened next!

Now some 20 years later, Dr. Shivji, an alumnus and leader in the dental community, has helped create another impact at UBC Dentistry along with 28 colleagues from 123 Two newly renovated conference rooms in the JBM building have been named for Amin & Sharon Shivji and Family and for 123Dentist.

The 123Dentist community network has a strong sense of social responsibility and believes in making a positive difference. Their commitment to providing a dynamic and interactive learning environment for future oral health care professionals brings student-centred learning to the forefront.

“We understand the importance of providing students with a clean, nurturing and professional environment where they can learn, interact and exchange information with professors and peers alike,” says Amin Shivji.

These new conference rooms are used for small-class lectures, interactive learning and independent study. Open 24 hours a day for students, these rooms are occupied on a constant basis. And sometimes, late at night, you might even hear the crunch of someone studiously enjoying popcorn kernels.

Amin & Sharon Shivji And Family - 123