John McNeill Excellence in Health Research Mentorship Award

Dr. Christopher Overall

Dr. Christopher Overall has received the 2022 John McNeill Excellence in Health Research Mentorship Award, recognizing his deep commitment to mentoring faculty colleagues, graduate students, and postdoctoral fellows early in their academic careers.

Dr. Overall was presented with the award at the Health Sciences Award Night on March 27. He delivered his Award Lecture on May 4 at the 2023 Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences Graduate and Postdoctoral Research Symposium.

Throughout his career, Dr. Overall has been an inspiring and creative mentor, exposing his mentees to the rigour of the scientific process, the significance of an interdisciplinary and critical thinking approach, and the importance of being able to convey their research to the public and peers through strong oral and written skills. His trainees have achieved remarkable success in their scientific careers, becoming leaders in their respective fields, holding academic appointments, presenting at international conferences, and holding joint patents.