New Graduate Program Director Named

Dr. Rana Tarzemany

The Faculty of Dentistry is pleased to announce a new leadership team appointment that will oversee the postdoctoral educational program for advanced specialty training in periodontics.

The new Director of the Graduate Periodontics Program is Dr. Rana Tarzemany. In this new role, Dr. Tarzemany will be responsible for the day-to-day activities of the program, curriculum content, clinical training in both fields of periodontology and oral implants, as well as coordination of the mandatory thesis component of the program.

Dr. Tarzemany has been with the UBC Faculty of Dentistry since 2010, began her teaching career in 2014, and graduated with a combined PhD and Diploma in Periodontics in 2018. She has also continued her research, focused on molecular biology of oral wound healing, resulting in several publications in peer-reviewed journals, and winning many national and international awards, including the prestigious Volpe Prize.

Dr. Tarzemany hopes to contribute to the Faculty’s objectives related to education and research by maintaining the high-content and well-balanced program to train competent future periodontists, increasing collaborative teaching and research projects within UBC and in other Canadian and US Graduate programs, with the ultimate goal of helping UBC Dentistry to become the top Graduate Periodontic program in North America.