Oral sedation pre-operative instructional video: results from pilot study


A UBC research project evaluated whether viewing an instructional/informative video developed as an intervention tool can reduce anxiety for parents whose children are having their first experience with oral sedation at the UBC Graduate Pediatric Dentistry Clinic.

Results of the pilot study†, published recently in Pediatric Dentistry, found audiovisual intervention was effective at reducing preoperative parental anxiety, but the reduction was not significantly different from using verbal instructions.

Dentists may wish to incorporate audiovisual aids [such as the one from the pilot study seen below] to supplement verbal instructions during the sedation preoperative consultation.

English Language Version

Chinese Language Version

Punjabi Language Version

†Luk Charis YK, Fu Eric, Mathu-Muju Kavita R. (2019). The effect of an audiovisual preoperative intervention in reducing parental anxiety prior to a child’s sedation appointment: A pilot study. Pediatric Dentistry, 41(2):112-118.