Promotions: full-time faculty, Dr. Nancy Ford


Nancy Ford

Dr. Nancy L. Ford

Nancy L. Ford, BSc, PhD, has been promoted to the rank of associate professor with tenure in the Department Oral Biological & Medical Sciences.

Dr. Ford’s research areas include micro-computed tomography, X-ray imaging, physiological gating, small animal imaging, image quality, and cone beam computed tomography. Her work focusses on optimizing and accessing imaging protocols for preclinical and clinical computed tomography. Moreover, her micro-computed tomography expertise is helping her and colleagues investigate how different respiratory patterns can cause changes in lung structure and function, such as inflation and deflation.

Ford is also director of a core imaging facility at UBC, the Centre for High-Throughput Phenogenomics, where her work involves optimizing images, minimizing X-ray exposure and navigating massive, complex data sets.

Her teaching area is radiology, and she also supervises graduate student research.

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