Retirements: Faculty

The Faculty of Dentistry is saying farewell to Terry Kline, BSc, DDS, Cert Pros; Clinical Assistant Professor, after many years of commendable performance and service.

Dr. Terry Kline

Terry Kline writes: I remember my enthusiasm when the new Faculty of Dentistry was established at UBC in 1964. A few years later, when the John B. Macdonald Building was completed, I was part of the Alpha Omega International Dental Fraternity alumni group that donated the large metal sculpture that resides on the wall at the south entrance to the building. You can have a glance at it when you walk by. I began teaching in the undergraduate clinic around 1969, in the periodontal sessions under Alf Ogilvie. At that time, each discipline was taught separately in the clinic, unlike the integrated clinical care (ICC) protocol that is now in place. After a few years, I changed to restorative dentistry, working under such luminaries as Bill Wood, Trevor Harrop and Michael MacEntee. In 1980, I became a certified specialist in prosthodontics and continued to teach in the clinic, in the role of prosthodontic supervisor; in more recent years, the designation changed to prosthodontic consultant. I also served for many years on the selection committee for incoming dental students, and continue to serve as an interviewer for this committee. I always looked forward to the days I taught. I particularly enjoyed the involvement with my top-notch dental colleagues and the great staff members. The most enjoyment, though, came from my time with the students, and I am happy I had a part in their progress and education toward becoming confident and ethical professionals. My particular focus was encouraging them to pursue a high standard of excellence and to continue their education well beyond graduation. If these graduates have succeeded as dentists, then I will have succeeded as well. I sold my Vancouver prosthodontic practice over 20 years ago, but continued to practise in the Faculty’s specialty clinic until just a few years ago. And then, after nearly 50 years of involvement and teaching at UBC, I reluctantly chose to retire as of February 28, 2019. I plan to continue enjoying my favourite pursuits: travelling the world, mucking about on my boat, and spending time in Whistler, BC.