JBM Student Learning Centre Relocated

Student Learning Centre Opens

Spring 2009

Student Learning Centre - JBM

Do you remember the operatories in the former clinic located in the John B. Macdonald Building?

With the recent installation of 80 computer stations, a different kind of learning activity is happening in these old cubicles.

Re-engineering the old clinic in the JBM Building is a technically complicated and expensive affair.

Since redevelopment of the entire space is still a long way off, the space has been refitted to provide an immediate solution to the shortage of student learning and study space.

As well as providing a student workspace for computer-based learning (and exams), the space—now called the Student Learning Centre—is ideal for simulation exercises that do not require clinical equipment.

Students now have a much-needed after-hours study space in their home building.

Student Learning Centre Relocated

Fall 2010

With more renovations underway in the John B Macdonald Building, the Student Learning Centre, originally opened in a swing space (see above), has been relocated to its permanent home in the building.

Still on the second floor of JBM in what was once a maze of operatory bays, the Student Learning Centre is centrally located among several new conference and small-group learning rooms.

The former swing space will eventually be transformed into new operatories for the Clinical Specialty Graduate Programs.

Computer Learning Centre - JBM