Student-Nominated Faculty Teaching Awards

Congratulations to these outstanding educators in the Faculty who help all the students achieve their educational goals.

DMD Faculty—Full-Time

Dr. Denise Carswell
Dr. Ian Matthew
Dr. Gary Wong
Ms. Sabina Reitzik

DMD Faculty—Part-Time

Dr. Ahmed Hieawy
Dr. Anna Preis
Dr. Ingrid Emanuels
Dr. Leila Gholami
Dr. Serena Kassam

DMD Instructors

Dr. Hans Heilmann
Dr. Kulminder Bahi
Dr. Zoltan Keresztes
Dr. Wendy Lai
Dr. Reza Nouri

DMD Graduate Teaching Assistants

Dr. Ravdeep Mann
Dr. Kiarash Shabehpour
Dr. Evan Baird
Dr. Kiavash Hossini
Dr. Michelle Li
Dr. Amir Mossadegh
Dr. Visalakshi Shivaraman
Dr. Robin Marya Wintermute

DHDP Faculty—Full-Time

Dr. Zul Kanji
Mr. Charanpreet Dhami
Ms. Penny Hatzimanolakis

DHDP Faculty—Part-Time

Dr. Hossain Najar
Ms. Rae McFarlane
Dr. Batoul Shariati

DHDP Instructors

Ms. Trish Lastimoza
Ms. Madison Howey
Ms. Shora Niaboli-Tulumello
Ms. Jackie Tong

Graduate Faculty Full-Time

Dr. Jeffrey M. Coil
Dr. Anthony P.G. McCullagh
Dr. Nesrine Mostafa
Dr. Bingshuang Zou
Dr. Sid Vora
Dr. Chris Wyatt
Dr. Ross Bryant
Dr. Joy M. Richman
Dr. Edwin H.K. Yen

Graduate Faculty Part-Time

Dr. Ahmed Hieawy
Dr. David Kennedy
Dr. Anuradha Korada

Graduate Instructors

Dr. Mahmoud Ektefaie
Dr. Mark Olesen
Dr. Paul A. Witt
Dr. Steven Budd
Dr. Francine Lo
Dr. John Cambruzzi