The Chrysalis Student Lounge: A Transformational Gift

May 1, 2011

Dr. Mark Kwon, a 1997 graduate of the UBC Faculty of Dentistry, together with his business partner Dr. Steven Bongard, founded the Chrysalis Dental Centres, establishing new approaches to completely restore the dentition in patients who have lost all their teeth due to pathology, trauma and other diseases, while providing optimal patient care.


Chrysalis Dental Centres has very generously supported the renovation of the student lounge in the John B. Macdonald Building (JBM). This renovation has more than doubled the space for students to spend their time in between patients and classes.

The renovation of the student lounge has been a long-term goal of the Faculty under the theme of enhancing the student experience. High costs prevented full renovations to create better student social areas—until now.

The new lounge is an outstanding multi-use space for students, featuring floor-to-ceiling storage lockers and a fully operational kitchen with four microwaves to serve the large student population and social functions. The next step in the project will deliver new, comfortable furnishings for relaxing, studying and socializing, and a glassed-in atrium to make use of the outside balcony, which is currently inaccessible due to building code requirements. Two large doors open to expand the lounge into the foyer, which will provide individual study and expanded social space— a smart idea for large student functions.

The Faculty of Dentistry greatly appreciates Chrysalis Dental Centres’ vision in providing the support for renovating the student lounge—now called the Chrysalis Student Lounge. Having an alumnus step forward and make a difference that has such a tremendous impact on our students is a great testament to the growth of alumni commitment to the success of the Faculty.

Dr. Mark Kwon: “Life is not all about receiving. It’s about giving as well. I saw renovating the student lounge as a once in- a-lifetime opportunity to be part of something significant. It’s my own school, a place that raised me and made me into a dentist, which was my dream.”

Chrysalis Plaque“My dental office is called Chrysalis, and like its namesake, is all about transformation. We transform patients’ lives every day. Like my dental practice, I wanted to be part of the transformation at UBC Dentistry—and what better way than to give back to my school in the form of renovating the student lounge. I wanted to call it a ‘chrysalis’ lounge because it marks the new beginning of a different era.”

“I strongly believe that the future of dentistry is the students, and it excites me to see their enthusiasm—especially the third- and fourth-year students. They’re a different breed. They’re exciting to be with, and I think they will really carry dentistry forward.”

“It is an honour for me to contribute to the renovations of the lounge where students can free their minds and enjoy time with colleagues, professors and friends. I think it’s a wonderful environment.”