Celebrating our UBC Dentistry Alumni Family

UBC Dentistry is excited to invite you to participate in a new, unique, recognition program:
The Alumni Affiliate Program!*

Although they may not have received their professional degree from UBC, Dentistry Alumni Affiliate candidates will show a deep commitment to the Faculty. As a valued alumnus, you are ideally suited to identify those worthy candidates!

Who will the ideal Alumni Affiliates be? Any member of the professional community who embodies the qualities that best serve our students. Whether they have spent time teaching and mentoring students, or advocating for diversity, equity and inclusion within the profession and Faculty, we would love to recognize their dedication and commitment by inviting them to join our UBC Dentistry Alumni family.

This award recognizes dental professionals who have:

  • Demonstrated leadership in the areas of philanthropy, volunteerism, advocacy or community service beyond the scope of their typical job duties.
  • Made significant contributions and lasting impact on the UBC Faculty of Dentistry.

*Nominations will reopen in January 2022

  • Demonstrated leadership in BC’s dental community – in the areas of professionalism, advocacy, passion for education and community service
  • Strong supporter of UBC Faculty of Dentistry i.e. donor, volunteer, mentor, advisor
  • The nominee must be a Dentist*, Dental Hygienist or Specialist
  • The nominee has not received a professional degree from UBC Faculty of Dentistry

*practicing or non-practicing

Nominations will reopen in January 2022.

2020 Alumni Affiliate Award Recipients

Dr. Kenneth Chow
Professor Bonnie J. Craig
Dr. John Hung

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