UBC Dentistry Researchers Among Top 2% Most Cited Scientists

A total of 21 faculty members and one doctoral student in the Faculty of Dentistry were included in the top 2% of most-cited scientists in their respective fields according to the science-wide author database of standardized citation indicators released by scientific and data analytics publisher Elsevier. The database includes career-long and single-year datasets, with 19 researchers acknowledged for their influence in the past year and 19 for their career-long impact up to the end of 2022.

UBC Dentistry researchers included in the database:

  • Dr. Dieter Brőmme
  • Dr. Mario Brondani
  • Dr. Don Brunette (Professor Emeritus)
  • Dr. Ricardo Carvalho
  • Dr. Virginia Diewert (Professor Emerita)
  • Dr. Markus Haapasalo (Professor Emeritus)
  • Dr. Alan Hannam (Professor Emeritus)
  • Dr. Hannu Larjava
  • Dr. Alan Lowe (Professor Emeritus)
  • Dr. David MacDonald
  • Dr. Mary MacDougall
  • Dr. Michael MacEntee (Professor Emeritus)
  • Dr. Christopher Overall
  • Dr. Dorin Ruse
  • Dr. Ya Shen
  • Dr. Charles Shuler
  • Dr. David Sweet (Professor Emeritus)
  • Farhad Tabatabaian (PhD Year 1)
  • Dr. Josef Tonzetich (Professor Emeritus)
  • Dr. Joanne Walton (Professor Emerita)
  • Dr. Zhejun Wang
  • Dr. Chris Wyatt

Note: This post previously shared that 12 faculty members and one doctoral student were in the top 2% of the most-cited scientists. However, this list has been reviewed and updated to include all UBC Dentistry researchers in the database.