UBC winners of the CADR-NCOHR Student Research Awards 2017-2018


Five graduate students from UBC Dentistry were among the 17 winners of the CADR-NCOHR Student Research Awards for 2017-2018.

These awards are sponsored by the Canadian Association for Dental Research (CADR) and by the Network for Canadian Oral Health Research (NCOHR). Awards are presented to winners at the Annual General Meeting of the CADR, which will be held in conjunction with the meeting of the AADR/CADR meeting in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA in March 2018.

The following students from UBC Dentistry received travel awards to present their research at the March 2018 AADR/CADR meeting:

Senior—Basic Science Category

Jiarui Bi

Jiarui Bi, PhD candidate (Year 3)

Research title: Suppression of avb6 Integrin Expression by Polymicrobial Oral Biofilms

Supervisor: Dr. Hannu Larjava

Adrian Danescu

Adrian Danescu, PhD/Dip Ortho (Year 2) candidate

Directed, Mesenchymal Cell Movements Contribute to Midfacial Narrowing

Supervisor: Dr. Joy Richman

David (Xian Jun) Lu

David (Xian Jun) Lu, MSc candidate (Year 3)

Research title: Research title: Assessing Quality and Quantity of FFPE DNA Samples Using ddPCR

Supervisor: Dr. Catherine Poh

Senior—Clinical Science Category

Kelly Liu

Kelly Liu, PhD candidate (Year 2)

Research title: Deregulated Immune-Related Gene Expression Indicates Nodal Metastasis in Oral Cancer

Supervisor: Dr. Catherine Poh

Iben Lucsanszky

Iben Lucsanszky, MSc/Dip Pros candidate (Year 2)

Research title: Fracture Toughness, Flexural Strength and Modulus of CAD/CAM Blocks

Supervisor: Dr. Dorin Ruse

Read about all the winners for this year on the Canadian Association for Dental Research website or the Network for Canadian Oral Health Research website.

Previous UBC Dentistry students who have won an award in CADR/NCOHR student research competitions in either junior, senior basic science or senior clinical categories since 2007 are:

  • Muizz Wahid, former DMD student (Dr. Nancy Ford supervisor) in 2016
  • Hai-Sle Moon, MSc 2016 (Don Brunette supervisor) in 2015;
  • Sara Hosseini-Farahabadi, PhD 2014 (Joy Richman supervisor) in 2013;
  • Leila Mohazab, DMD 2014 (Hannu Larjava supervisor) in 2011;
  • Darlene Tam, BDSc 2008, MSc 2014 (Catherine Poh supervisor) in 2010;
  • Angela Wong, MSc/Dip Pros 2013 (Chris Wyatt supervisor) in 2010;
  • Heather Szabo-Rogers, PhD 2007 (Joy Richman supervisor) in 2008;
  • Maryam Sharifzadeh-Amin, MSc 2002, PhD 2007 (Rosamund Harrison supervisor) in 2007;
  • Mario Brondani PhD 2008, MPH 2012 (Michael MacEntee supervisor) in 2007.