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In each issue of Impressions magazine, we focus on activities that directly address our three strategic priorities: Enhancing the Student Experience, Amplifying Research Productivity, and Increasing Community Involvement. Feature articles highlight the UBC Faculty of Dentistry’s recognized leadership and key role in shaping the future of the profession.

UBC Dentistry’s Impressions magazine wins the 2010 Meskin Journalism Award for excellence in dental student publications. Award presented by the American Association of Dental editors, October 2010

UBC Dentistry Impressions, Winter 2021

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UBC Dentistry Impressions, Winter 2020

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UBC Dentistry Impressions, Fall 2018

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UBC Dentistry Impressions, Spring 2018

  • AADSM Recognizes Innovative Obstructive Sleep Apnea Research at UBC
  • Researchers Discover Proteolytic Enzymes in Bacterial Flagella
  • Highlights: Research Day 2018
  • Villa Cathay Dental Clinic Opens
  • Organizations Collaborate to Offer Free Oral Cancer Screening in Surrey
  • UBC Health Honours Associate Dean for Outstanding Leadership in Interprofessional Professional Development
  • BC’s Highest Recognition Conferred on Prof. Emerita
  • UBC Winners of the CADR-NCOHR Student Research Awards 2017 – 2018
  • UBC Dentistry Proteomics Expert Receives International Recognition
  • Faculty of Dentistry External Awards and Recognition in 2016 – 2017
  • Graduate Periodontics Student Wins AAED Poster Competition and Receives AAP Nobel Biocare Scholarship
  • Online Stories Worth Clicking
  • Assignments: Full-Time Faculty
  • Promotions: Full-Time Faculty
  • Significant Grant from the Vancouver Foundation to UBC Dentistry Principal Investigator
  • Best Published Dental Hygiene Literature Review Goes to Student and Prof.
  • CIHR Funds Perio Researchers to Advance Scarless Wound Healing
  • Researchers at UBC Dentistry Received $2.7M in CIHR Funding as Part of $43M to the University
  • Preventable Dental Problems Land Many People in Emergency Rooms
  • The Booming ‘Grey Wave’—UBC Dentistry at the Educational Forefront of Geriatric Oral Care
  • At the Intersection of Medicine and Dentistry—UBC Oral Medicine and Oral Pathology (OMOP) Specialty
  • Rings of Success: Imaging Scientists at the Core of the CHTP
  • Donors to UBC Dentistry—Sharing Their Values, Making a Difference
  • Alumni Profiles from the Class of 2011
  • Off the Campus in Kenya and Vietnam

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UBC Dentistry Impressions, Spring 2017

  • Provost Announces New Dean of UBC Dentistry
  • UBC Authors Among the JDE Top 10 for 2016
  • Medical University in China Appoints Perio Prof
  • Grad Endo Student First to Win New IADR Fellowship
  • UBC Health Awards 2016—Dentistry Among the Winners
  • Top CIHR Scholarship Cinched by PhD Student
  • Local High-School Student First Author of Published Research Paper
  • UBC Graduate Prosthodontics Students Recognized
  • Retirements: Full-Time Faculty
  • Full-Time Faculty: Service to the Community
  • Graduate Pediatric Dentistry Student Wins Research Fellowship
  • Perio Achievements
  • Kudos to the Dean’s Board of Counsellors
  • Fourth-Year DMD Student Wins First Prize
  • On the Cover—Publications by Faculty and Grad Students
  • Indo-Canadian Dental Association Recognizes Dean
  • Leading Voice of Dental Sleep Medicine Selects UBC for Research Funding
  • CFI Funds Equipment to Test Drug Efficacy
  • UBC’s TLEF Supports Digital Dental Curriculum
  • CDA Medal of Honour to Former Dean
  • Online Stories Worth Clicking
  • Oral Health Services: Delivered Efficiently—and In Style!
  • Highlights: Research Day 2017
  • Legacy of Compassion: A Family Helping Families
  • How to Build a Legacy Using Your Existing Dental Practice
  • Interprofessional Education at UBC—Strengthening Collaboration Among Health and Human Services Professions
  • Dental Hygiene Students Deliver Campus-Wide Oral Health Campaign
  • Dentistry as Science and Art —And a Quest to Decipher Genetic Influences on Craniofacial Conditions
  • Off the Campus: Dental Hygiene Students Welcomed in Vietnam a Second Time
  • Off the Campus: Sharing Smiles Day
  • Dental Care—An Important Part of Sara’s Overall Recovery

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UBC Dentistry Impressions, Fall 2016

  • Faculty Liaison Team Takes Top ADEA CCI Prize
  • Dr. Charles Shuler Wins IADR Distinguished Scientist Award
  • DMD Student Wins IADR Fellowship
  • Overall Lab Secures $5.55M for Inflammatory Disease Research
  • Research in Reptilian Tooth and Jaw Development Garners NSERC Grants
  • NSERC Grant to Support Tissue Imaging Research
  • Prestigious Public Health Award to UBC MPH/DPH Student
  • Faculty of Dentistry External Awards and Recognition in 2015 – 2016
  • Retirements: Part-Time Faculty
  • Promotions: Full- and Part-Time Faculty
  • Appointments: New Full-Time Faculty
  • UBC DMD Admissions—Diversified Assessments Seek Rounded Candidates
  • Exploring the Role of Platelets in Inflammation—A Quest for Non-Surgical Solutions to Gum Disease
  • Off the Campus: DMD Rotations in Thailand and Vietnam
  • Upping the ‘Level’ of Research Success—Transforming JBM 300
  • The Importance of Student Awards
  • Where They Are and How Many There Are: UBC DMD Graduates Currently Licensed in British Columbia
  • Congratulations to the Class of 2016!

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UBC Dentistry Impressions, Spring 2016

  • Blue Light Shines Brightly as an Oral Cancer Surgery Tool
  • DMD Student Takes First Place in National Research Competition
  • US Looks to UBC Faculty Member for New Postdoctoral Oral Medicine Competencies
  • UBC Dentistry Grad Student Wins Dental Materials Award—A First for a Canadian University
  • New Appointments: Full-Time Faculty
  • Retirements: Full-Time Faculty
  • New Director of Graduate Periodontics
  • New Director of Dental Hygiene Program
  • UBC Graduate Prosthodontics Student Wins ACP Award
  • Canadian Academy of Health Sciences Inducts Michael MacEntee
  • Significant Honour from a French University to UBC Dentistry Professor
  • $4M in Funding to Canadian Sleep Network—UBC Dentistry Researcher Plays Key Role
  • Spotlight on Human Dental Pulp: The Overall Lab
  • The Importance of Student Awards
  • The Summer Student Practitioner Program Experience—Student and Mentor Comments
  • The SSPP Experience Spotlight: James Chen
  • Spotlight on Human Dental Pulp: The Overall Lab
  • Fourth-Year DMD Travel Clinics—Alumni Pay Their Experiences Forward
  • Craniofacial Research—How Human Faces Form and Develop
  • Off the Campus: Dental Hygiene Students on Rotation to Vietnam

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UBC Dentistry Impressions, Fall 2015

  • New Microscopes at CHTP Boost Performance and Efficiency
  • Graduate Specialty Clinic Now Open!
  • Congratulations to the Class of 2015
  • Online Stories Worth Clicking
  • UBC Dentistry Ranks #1 in Canada
  • New Appointments: Full-Time Faculty
  • Retirements: Full-Time Faculty
  • Faculty of Dentistry External Awards and Recognition in 2014 – 2015
  • Translating Dentistry Expertise to Vietnam
  • UBC Grad Perio Student Wins Highly Regarded Volpe Prize
  • Clinical Trials Research: Between the Lab Bench and Chairside Practice
  • Win-Win: Summer Student Practitioner Program Facilitates Student-to-Associate Transition
  • Photo Essay: Students in the Community—Off the Campus
  • Breaking Barriers—Oral Health for Everyone
  • More Branches of the UBC Dentistry Family Tree
  • UBC Dentistry Alumni Paying It Forward

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UBC Dentistry Impressions, Spring 2015

  • UBC Tucker Study Club Enhances Students’ Pursuit of Excellence
  • CIHR Grant for Clinical Study on Sleep Apnea Treatments Using Smart Chips
  • Community Outreach Volunteers Celebrated
  • Vancouver Summer Programs In Dentistry
  • Forensic Odontology Work earns Dentistry Prof a Top Military Honour
  • The NCOHR 2014 Summer Research Institute at UBC Dentistry
  • Leading International Proteomics Organization Elects Overall
  • More Branches of the UBC Dentistry Family Tree
  • What a Bash! A Fantastic Night Celebrating Fifty Fabulous Years
  • History of Community Dentistry Outreach
  • The Passion of Bonnie Craig: A Smile You Can Sink Your Teeth Into
  • UBC Dentistry Philanthropy Facts
  • Donor Profile: Dr. Arjang Nowtash, President of Sinclair Dental
  • Ansuiya Lalji: My 34 Years as a Patient at UBC’s Dental Clinic

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UBC Dentistry Impressions, Spring-Summer-Fall 2014

  • New Graduate Program: Dental Public Health
  • ACDF Awards Acknowledge UBC Dentistry Faculty Members
  • UBC DHDP Student Wins CDHA Leadership Award
  • Faculty of Dentistry External Awards and Recognition in 2013 – 2014
  • 50 Years of Research at UBC Dentistry
  • 50 Years of Teaching and Learning at UBC Dentistry
  • Ergonomics Expertise: UBC’s Global Reputation
  • Down the Road in UBC’s Mobile Community Dental Clinic
  • UBC Dentistry Family Tree
  • Fifty Fabulous Years: The Bash!
  • Graduate Specialty Clinic
  • Henry Schein Gives Back to the Community Through UBC Dentistry
  • 50 Years of UBC Dentistry: Well Celebrated at PDC

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UBC Dentistry Impressions, Fall 2013

  • A BOLD Effort to Bring Closure to disaster
  • Building Better Implants—Cell by Cell, Nanometre by Nanometre
  • Dentistry Students in the Chilcotin—Gratitude Goes Both Ways
  • Celebrate 50 Years With Us! Fifty Fabulous Years: The Bash!
  • Digital Crown Fabrication Gets a Boost Via Micro-CT at the Centre for High-Throughput Phenogenomics
  • UBC on the Map for Dental Public Health
  • Faculty of Dentistry External Awards and Recognition in 2012 – 2013
  • Streamining the Delivery of Complex Care: A New Graduate Specialty Clinic
  • UBC Dentistry education: Building Teamwork in Clinical Practice
  • Dental Hygiene Students Add Flavour to SuperChefs at Fusion Festival . . .
  • The UBC Dentistry 50th Anniversary Fund
  • DMD Clinical Rotations Flow Into the Fraser Valley—The ‘Surry Clinic’
  • The Gift of Gratitude

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UBC Dentistry Impressions, Spring 2013

  • Community Service Learning Gives UBC Dental Hygiene Students an Edge
  • Shifting Gears With Disruptive Innovation
  • The Vanguard of Restorative Biomaterials Research
  • Three Dental Hygiene Students Forge Their Own ‘Less Travelled’ Roads
  • DMD Students Reap Benefits From Volunteering
  • Graduate Research Across the Disciplines
  • Time for a Graduate Specialty Clinic
  • JBM Revitalization—Let’s Finish the Job!
  • Look How Far We Have Come in 50 Years
  • The Community Access Fund Made It Possible . . .
  • The ‘Gift of Jade’
  • Faculty Annouces 50th Anniversary Celebrations
  • Postdoc at UBC Dentistry Helps Decode First Turtle Genome; Finds Lost Teeth
  • Dentistry’s Imaging Facility Popular with UBC Scientists and Corporate USers

UBC Dentistry Impressions, Fall 2012

  • UBC Dentistry in Haida Gwaii
  • In Vivo Imaging—Facinating Voyage of Discovery
  • Curriculum Renewal Gives Students Earlier Clinical Skills Training
  • Dental Hygiene Students—Filling a Need, Enriching Their Learning
  • Group Mission to Colombia—An Outstanding Experience for Dental Students
  • UBC Dentists Keep Seniors Smiling
  • An Unexpected Turn of Events—A Look Back in Gratitude
  • Recognizing Those Who Make a Difference in Our Lives
  • Bioimaging Centre Moves to New Location and New Capability
  • JBM Revitalization and The Graduate Students Commons—Enhancing the Student Experience
  • A Ten-Year Longitudinal Study by UBC Dentistry Faculty Could Boost Oral Cancer Detection
  • UBC Dentistry Partners with Vietnamese Hospital to Create $8M Oral Health Research Centre
  • Faculty of Dentistry External Awards and Recognition in 2011 – 2012
  • CIHR Grant to Unlock the Mysteries of Clefting Using New Tools

UBC Dentistry Impressions, Spring 2012

  • Global Education: A Qualitative Rather Than Quantitative Approach
  • Host-Grown Tissue and Bone—Using Stem Cells in Periodontal Regeneration
  • The Far Reach of UBC Dentistry’s Graduate Research Training
  • Study Backs Effectiveness of UBC Dentistry Workshop for the Tech-Tenuous
  • UBC Dentistry ‘Adopts’ Florence Nightingale
  • Student Social Space Just Got a Whole Lot Brighter
  • It’s as Easy as 1, 2, 3
  • The 2011 – 2012 Adademic Year in Numbers
  • A Walk With the Maasai—Off the Campus
  • Graduate Endodontics and Dental Hygiene Programs Now Accredited by CDAC
  • UBC Dentistry Gains $1M to Enhance Patient-Based Research and Knowledge Transfer
  • Oral Appliance Network: UBC Prof to Chair International Steering committee

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UBC Dentistry Impressions, Fall 2011

  • UBC Leaders in Dental Sleep Medicine
  • Exploring the Role of Enzymes in Disease
  • Bridging a Gap—Part-Time Faculty
  • Giving Back—Volunteer Dentists
  • Community Initiatives—Off the Campus
  • Kanani Conference Rooms: A Legacy for Learning and Giving
  • Industry Supports UBC Students on Volunteers Dental Mission
  • Faculty Member initiative Funds Equipment for Endodontics

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UBC Dentistry Impressions, Spring 2011

  • UBC’s Children’s Dental Program: A Win-Win Situation
  • Reaching Out to Combat Oral Cancer
  • Grad Students in Endodontics Translate Clinical Skills and Cutting-Edge Research Into Front-Line Care
  • Student Discovers the Allure of Rural Practice
  • The Purpose of This Dental Hygienist’s Education—To Bring Out the Best
  • The Chrysalis Student Lounge—A Transformational Gift
  • UBC Dentistry’s New Initiative: Adopt a Long-Term-Care Facility
  • Class of 1986 Blazes a Trail

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UBC Dentistry Impressions, Fall 2010

  • Problem-Based Learning—Classical Antiquity Comes of Age
  • Ahead of the Wave in Community Engagement—Preparing a New Generation of Dentists
  • Chicken Embryos Shed Light on Facial Abnormalities
  • Toothless No More: Team aims to Reduce Rejection of Implants
  • Fourth-Year DMD Student Elective: Cambodia
  • UBC Dentistry Team serves Penelakut First Nation
  • Community Giving, a Fourth-Year DMD elective and a Six-Year-Old Smile
  • An Enduring Legacy

UBC Dentistry Impressions, Spring 2010

  • Battling Biofilms—Innovations in Endodontics
  • ELDERS Wisdom Improves Seniors’ Quality of Life
  • Oral Medicine Specialist Now Grad Student Fights a Deadly Cancer in South Asian Populations
  • Biochemistry PhD Enriches DMD Experience for All
  • Paying it Forward
  • Dentistry at the Games!

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UBC Dentistry Impressions, Fall 2009

  • Planning for Success: UBC Dentistry’s Strategic Plan
  • Grad Student Honoured for Work in Downtown Eastside
  • Moving to the Forefront of Bioimaging
  • Volunteer Dentistry in the Downtown Eastside—DMD Students Rise to the Challenges
  • The Tam Family and the Tam Foundation

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UBC Dentistry Impressions, Spring 2009

  • Oral Insights into Scarless Wound Healing
  • Toward a Healthy Smile for Every Child
  • Leading the Way to Digital Orthodontic Models
  • Community, Culture and Practice: A DMD Student in Haida Gwaii
  • Portrait of a Dental Hygiene Student as a Leader
  • The ‘Fine Arts’ of Giving

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UBC Dentistry Impressions, Fall 2008

  • The Last Act
  • The Overall Approach
  • Towards Global Standards in Dental Care
  • Dental Hygiene Graduate Reflects on the Online Experience
  • An Unfamiliar Setting for UBC DMD Students
  • The Lines Never Cease
  • In Memory of Dr. George Ng

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