Combined MSc and Diploma in Orthodontics Program


This combined program is a clinical specialty program providing education and training for clinicians, researchers and teachers. Achievement of the Diploma in Orthodontics requires successful completion of the clinical and didactic requirements associated with the diploma program in the Faculty of Dentistry, successful completion of the MSc in Craniofacial Science course requirements, and successful defense and submission of the thesis to the Faculty of Graduate Studies.  Please note that your supervisor, supervisory committee members and area of research may not necessarily be in the same specialty area of this clinical program.

In this program option, the degree and the diploma are awarded conjointly and both must be completed to graduate. Graduates will be eligible to take the examinations for specialty certification in orthodontics through NDEB and the American Board of Orthodontics. Specialty certification was hosted by RCDC before, but the National Dental Examining Board of Canada (NDEB) has taken over the administration and management of the NDSE for all dental specialty programs. ( Normal course of study is 39 months.

Preference may be given to applicants who have already graduated from dental school and have some clinical, research, and teaching experience.

Applications will be managed through the Match Program and applicants register for the Match via the online registration portal. The registration portal can be accessed from the Match web site, or directly at Applicants must adhere to the schedule of dates provided through the Match website

The deadline for fully documented applications is July 31st for entry the following July.