About the GPR Program

General Practice Residency Training Program In Dentistry

The University of British Columbia, in conjunction with Vancouver General Hospital (VGH), a tertiary care facility and trauma center, offers positions in a one-year hospital based dental residency program (GPR) beginning in June of each year.

See the program’s Information Sheet (PDF) for more information. Interested applicants are encouraged to visit Vancouver to meet our staff and current residents, and to tour the facilities available at any time throughout the year.

The deadline for the receipt of fully documented applications is OCTOBER 3rd for entry to the program the following year.

The Match

The GPR program is registered with The Postdoctoral Dental Matching Program (the “Match”).  As of May 14, 2020 applicants can register for the Match via the Match webs site at natmatch.com/dentres It is recommended that applicants join the Match prior to October 1st. Applicants should not send anything related to their application to the Match.

Applications will be managed through the Match Program and the registration portal can be accessed from the Match web site or directly. Applicants must adhere to the schedule of dates provided through the Match website www.natmatch.com/dentres.