Geriatric Dentistry Program Featured by UBC President Santa Ono

On February 26, UBC’s President Santa Ono featured UBC Faculty of Dentistry’s Geriatric Dentistry Program as some of UBC’s unsung heroes!

Congratulations to #FoDTeamSmile members Shunhau To, Mina Bahuch, and Jozefina Kuncarova from the Geriatric Dentistry Program – we’re so proud of the work you’re doing in the community!

Click HERE to watch President Ono’s video, or read his words on the Geriatric Dentistry Program below:

“As usual in my weekly update, I like to give a shoutout to some of UBC’s unsung heroes. This week’s unsung heroes are the members of the Faculty of Dentistry’s Geriatric Dentistry program, Shunhau To, Mina Bahuch and Jozefina Kuncarova. Since the outbreak of COVID-19, they have donated over 110 boxes of toothpaste to local long-term care facilities. They’ve also placed a priority on educating the public about strategies to maintain optimal oral health during the pandemic, especially among vulnerable populations. Shunhau, Mina, Jozefina, UBC is proud of you.”