In Memoriam: Dr. George Beagrie

Dr. George Beagrie, a former Dean of the UBC Faculty of Dentistry (1978-1988), passed away on March 3, 2023, with his wife Marjorie and four daughters by his side. Dr. Beagrie was a distinguished academic and researcher whose vision was rooted in the importance of investigative research. He was a strong advocate for the development of extensive research programs in dental schools and believed that this was essential for the advancement of the profession.

Prior to UBC, Dr. Beagrie was the Chair of the Restorative Dentistry department at the University of Edinburgh and Head of Clinical Sciences at the University of Toronto Faculty of Dentistry later in 1968. During his deanship at UBC Faculty of Dentistry (1978-1988), Dr. Beagrie worked tirelessly to build and expand the Faculty’s research enterprise. He established new specialty training in periodontics, an MSc in dental sciences and a doctorate in oral biology.

Under his leadership, the Faculty created a more welcoming, supportive atmosphere that attracted several young researchers at UBC who had lengthy and productive research careers. Dr. Beagrie also recognized the importance of international research exchange and developed World Health Organization (WHO) international collaborative centers with several countries.

Dr. Beagrie’s contributions to the field of dentistry and research will continue to inspire future generations of dental professionals. Upon the family’s request, please consider making a charitable gift in Dr. Beagrie’s memory to the UBC George S. Beagrie Scholarship Award.

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