Frequently Asked Questions

Can I apply with an international degree?
Yes, provided you meet the minimum requirements, both international and domestic applicants are weighted equally in the pool of applicants.

Are there any additional examinations or pre-requisites required?
Although no additional pre-requisites are required, potential applicants will be interviewed.

Can I apply after the application deadline?
No. Online applications will close after the application deadline and only fully documented applications received by the deadline will be considered for admission. We will keep any application documentation on file for consideration should you choose to apply for the next available intake. Please note that reference letters and English proficiency score sheets are only valid for 24 months.

Given that is is a non-thesis program, am I required to have a supervisor prior to applying?
No. Please note that although this is a non-thesis program, applicants will be required to provide a practicum report from a capstone research project in a publishable format. For that, students will be assigned a mentor, much as a graduate supervisor, to advice and help them through the programs. Also note that some courses will require a final term research paper in a publishable format.

Is there a PhD stream available within this program?
No.There is no PhD stream in this program.

If I already have a MPH, can I take just the Diploma part?
No. This is combined program and the diploma and the MPH are awarded conjointly and both must be completed to graduate.

Can I finish in less than 2.5 years?
It is not recommended.

It is difficult to get university transcripts from my country, do you accept other copies?
As per the Faculty of Graduate Studies, we must receive copies of official transcripts and degree certificates if required in sealed and endorsed envelopes direct from the issuing university.

My transcripts are in French from a Canadian University, do you require English translations?
We will accept French language transcripts from a Canadian University.

What do I need to send if my transcript does not include grades?
If transcripts are issued without grades, you must request a ranking letter from the Faculty Dean’s Office of our University. Along with copies of the original transcripts, the ranking letter must be sent in a sealed and endorsed envelope from the issuing university.

What if my university only issues one copy of transcripts?
You must make photocopies of your original academic records and have the issuing university verify them as true photocopies of the original transcripts, stamp them with an official university stamp or seal, and have the originals and photocopies sent together in sealed and endorsed official source envelopes.

What if my university does not issue English translations of university transcripts or degree certificates?
Take a photocopy of your transcripts and degree certificates if required to a certified English translator and have them provide a complete, word-for-word, literal English translation. Ensure they include the information on the reverse side of the documents. Once you receive the translations, the documents must be returned to the university, stamped as true copies of the original degree certificate(s) by the university. These documents and translations must be received in sealed and endorsed official university envelope(s).