Admission Procedures

The Faculty of Dentistry is not accepting applications to the Degree Completion Category 2 Option until further notice. The following is for archival information.

Admission to the Dental Hygiene Degree Program via the Degree Completion option is based upon:

  • academic performance (overall GPA)
  • on-line application and personal statement
  • mandatory in-person multiple mini interviews (MI)

Among the factors considered in the application review are demonstrated leadership skills, critical thinking, problem solving, ethics, substantial volunteerism, active participation in extracurricular activities, and knowledge of the dental hygiene profession.

Steps to the Degree completion application process

Step 1:  How to Apply

  • Apply to the Faculty of Dentistry in the Dental Hygiene Degree Program with the Dental Hygiene On-Line Application and Personal Statement. The Application deadline is February 13, 2015. All inquiries about the Dental Hygiene Application should be directed to the Dentistry admissions office.
  • Fill out and submit the online application to the best of your ability. Please keep in mind that your answers to the questions on this application are evaluated as part of our broad-based admission policy. Be sure to choose “Dental Hygiene Degree Completion Admission Option”.
  • Official Transcripts/Diplomas – Applicants must submit official transcripts and diplomas from all postsecondary institutions where you have studied.  Transcripts must be submitted in official sealed source envelopes.  Foreign language transcripts must include English translations where required and be submitted in the official sealed source envelopes together with original transcripts.
  • Letter of Good Standing – Applicants must arrange for their regulatory authority to send a letter of good standing directly to the Faculty of Dentistry in a official sealed source envelope, or provide a letter of support from the Program Director for applicants that are currently enrolled in their final year of the Dental Hygiene Diploma Program, or if applicant has graduated from the Dental Hygiene Diploma Program and has not practiced.  Letters of good standing must be submitted online through the provider’s professional e-mail.  No free e-mail accounts will be accepted (i.e. yahoo, gmail, hotmail, etc.).  Details are listed on the on-line application.
  • NDHCB/ANB Certificate – Applicants must provide proof of successful completion of their Board Examination.  The original document will be returned to the applicant.
  • Name Change Documentation – Applicants must submit an official government document indicating any changes in their name(s) should this be applicable to their situation.
  • Application Fee – Applicants must submit a $212.00 CAN non-refundable application fee prior to the deadline.  Applicants should pay on-line at the end of the application by credit card.  Payment may also be made by certified cheque, bank draft or money order payable to UBC.  Cash and personal cheques are not accepted.
  • Mail your supporting application documents to the Faculty of Dentistry Admissions Office
NOTE: Applicants must meet the pre-entry requirements for admission to the Dental Hygiene Degree Program in order to be considered for admission.

Step 2: Open House / Interviews

Only short-listed applicants are invited to the mandatory Dental Hygiene Admissions Open House/Interview process.  Applicants not invited to the Open House/Interview will not be considered further.

Members of the Interview Teams are comprised of faculty members who have completed an Interview Training Workshop. The Interview Team is unaware of the contents of an applicant’s file or his/her level of academic performance.

How To proceed in The Open House/Interview

The interview consists of short multiple  interviews (MI). These types of interviews evaluate personal characteristics (non-cognitive traits) important for success in the health sciences including but not limited to, critical thinking, ethical reasoning, problem solving, empathy and communication. The open house/interview’s objectives are two-fold; firstly, applicants are provided with the necessary information (academic, financial and professional) of the Dental Hygiene Degree Program to ensure applicants can make the most informed choice and secondly, an opportunity for the Faculty to evaluate the applicant’s personal characteristics.

LOCATION: UBC Vancouver Campus
DATE: March 14, 2015


Applicants should be aware that the Dental Hygiene Degree Program has limited enrolment. Since the number of qualified applicants typically exceeds the number of places available, fulfillment of the minimum requirements is not a guarantee of admission. The Faculty reserves the right of selection of all students for admission to the Program.

The admission process will consist of two phases:

Phase I
Applicants will be selected for an interview on the basis of academic performance (overall GPA) and the personal statement. Applicants not selected for an interview will not be admitted.

Phase II
Applicants selected for an interview will be considered for admission based only on their interview score. Academic performance (overall GPA) and the personal statement will not be considered in making offers during Phase II of admission to the program.

Selection of the Class

Applicants will be notified by the end of April.