General Information

The Faculty of Dentistry will be accepting applications to the Degree Completion Category 2 Option for 2019 entry to the program.  

OHC Entrance

The Degree Completion Admission Option (Category 2) is the entry point to the UBC Dental Hygiene Degree Program for dental hygienists who have a dental hygiene diploma/certificate from an accredited North American dental hygiene diploma program. Successful applicants will receive academic credit for two years of previous post-secondary education and must complete the third and fourth year of the Degree Program. Courses are taken primarily online and consist of required and elective courses. Studies may be undertaken either full or part time and students studying part-time have up to five years to fulfill the requirements for graduation.

While there are many benefits to students who earn a Dental Hygiene degree; please be aware that a degree in Dental Hygiene does not automatically confer the right to practice dental hygiene in any province in Canada. Each province has a regulatory authority that grants the privilege to practice dental hygiene. For more information on the requirements and qualifications to obtain registration in BC, contact the College of Dental Hygienists of BC at

Interested dental hygienists should note that all Dental Hygiene Degree Program courses are at the 3rd and 4th year university level. The workload reflects this and successful applicants should be prepared to devote considerable time and effort to your studies.

Click here for further information on what to expect when you undertake academic dental hygiene studies at the 3rd or 4th year university level