Graduate Orthodontics Program

Treatment Provided by Students in UBC’s Graduate Program in Orthodontics

UBC Dentistry’s Graduate Orthodontics Program is accepting patients from 12 years old to young adults who need full orthodontic treatment. The graduate students are dentists, training to become Certified Specialists in Orthodontics.

What Services We Provide:

  • Dental care that includes straightening of teeth with braces and surgery (surgery is additional)

Who Can Receive Treatment?

  • Children over 12 years and adults

Program Details and Fee Structure

Acceptance for Clinical Care

Patients are selected to meet the needs of the educational requirements for treatment in the Graduate Orthodontic Program, after a screening appointment. Once selected a patient should expect a 3 year commitment of monthly appointments at the university clinic.

Before you accept the screening appointment, please be advised of the following:

  1. Patients selected after the screening appointment are required to pay $300.00 to secure an appointment time to take full orthodontic records (jaw x-rays, study models and clinical photographs). This Records visit takes approximately 60-120 minutes and will most likely happen during the months of June – Sept. You will be contacted for this appointment after receipt of the $300.00 records fee.
  2. After September, you will be contacted for a consultation visit relative to the proposed treatment for you/your child by the graduate student assigned to your case. The remainder of the fee ($3,900.00) is due before any treatment starts and no later than October 1. These visits will begin in October or November.
  3. You/your child’s treatment will be performed by one of the Orthodontic or Paediatric Dentistry Graduate students who is already a Dentist. Treatment will be supervised by a qualified Orthodontist.
  4. Because of the Graduate Students commitment to additional educational responsibilities as well as clinical work, you will have a very limited opportunity for appointment selection. You/your child will need to be seen during the same clinical session throughout the treatment. Since you/your child’s orthodontic care will be assigned to both an instructor and a graduate student, your care will always be done when the instructor is supervising his/her specific clinic. There are no before or after school appointment times as we are an educational institute. Usually appointments are once per month after brackets are placed. Your child will miss ½ day of school once/month.
  5. Please note that your appointments and overall treatment time in braces will likely be longer than a similar treatment in private practice due to the learning experience of the Graduate Student.
  6. You/your child MUST be seen by a dentist for regular care prior to and throughout the orthodontic treatment. We cannot begin Orthodontics if a patient has decay (cavities). All adults need a letter from their Dentist ensuring that a Periodontal Probing has been done and that your Periodontic status is healthy.
  7. The orthodontic treatment fee does NOT cover fees of adjunctive treatment such as extractions, fillings, bridges, implants, partial dentures, root canal treatment or gum treatments.
  8. Additional fees will be charged for replacement of lost retainers and other removable appliances.
  9. Dismissal from the Graduate Orthodontic Program will be considered in instances of non-cooperation such as:
    • Repeated missed appointments.
    • Lack of cooperation with oral hygiene, elastic wear and appliance wear.
    • Non-payment of the account.
  10. Total fees for the program are $4,200.00. This applies to patients starting after April. Breakdown as follows:

Payment Option 1:

  • $300.00 to join the program and hold a space. This will also cover the cost of Initial Records.
  • $3,900.00 for treatment completion before October 1.
  • Total treatment cost: $4,200.00

Payment Option 2:

  • A $300.00 deposit to join the program and hold a space. This will also cover the cost of Initial Records.
  • A $900.00 initial installment.
  • 15 monthly payments of $200.00
  • Total treatment cost: $4,200.00

Cash, Interac, Visa or MasterCard are accepted.

Please note that we are not accepting patients who have braces currently on them from another private orthodontic office.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about the program.

UBC Graduate Orthodontic Program

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Fax: 604-822-4266

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